Defenses against criminal charge

Legal presentation

Article 1312 Constitution of Ukraine foresees that lawyer solely provides the representation of another person in a court, as well as defense against criminal charge.  Provision of defense against criminal charges, defense at the pre-trial stage and court.

We are skilled practitioners and deeply experienced in a sphere of client’s representation at various legal proceedings, including seizures, searches, arrests, suppression of documents and property.


Legal presentations in courts: Our lawyers provide the representation of client’s interests in courts while effecting the following:

  • criminal proceeding;
  • civil legal proceeding;
  • economic proceeding;
  • administrative proceeding;
  • adjudication of disputes in International Arbitrary Courts;
  • Filing and processing of a complaint to European Court of Human Rights

Case categories: criminal proceeding, debt collection, property, land, taxes, bank and other disputes, disputes in a sphere of economic competition, protection of rights of intellectual property and others.

Enforcement proceeding:Provision of representation of client’s interests at the stage of judgment execution with all the rights, vested to recoverer or debtor by law, other person in interest.

Representation in cases of control by public authorities.Provision of qualified legal assistance, protection of client’s rights and interests during the control of public authorities.